Friday, 25 May 2018

Creating a Post of Letters to the Royals

For years I've gotten emails, and direct messages, about what is the "proper way" to write to the Royals. What do I say? How do I format my letter? etc.  I've always avoided creating a sample letter (or card) because there are a million different ways you can do this.

But I've finally caved and decided to create a post highlighting some of the different styles. And I am asking you all for submissions. So if you have a photo of a letter or card you sent, and you want to share it with other:

Email me at or Direct Message me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. 

I will pick a few of the best that represent a range of styles for the more formal to informal, personal, creative, long, short, etc.

I will remove any sensitive personal information like your address, last name, (First name too if you want), etc. before I comply the chosen letters & cards into a blog post.

I will also be sharing one of my old letters, so you can finally see what my letters look like.

Thank You in advance for your submissions!  

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Princess Adrienne of Sweden's Christening (June 8th, 2018)

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Princess Adrienne of Sweden will be christened on Friday, June 8th. The day is extra special because it is her parent's 5th wedding anniversary & her older sister Leonore was christened on this day 4 years ago as well.

Adrienne is the 3rd child of Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Chris O'Neil & is 10th in line to the Swedish Throne. She will be just about 3 months old when christened.

The christening will take place at the Royal Chapel at Drottningholm Palace. (Her older sister Leonore & Nicolas as well as cousins, Alexander & Gabriel were also christened there.)

Swedish public service broadcaster, Sveriges Television, will be broadcasting Princess Adrienne's christening. The Live Coverage starts at 11:30 AM. The Live Stream and Service will both be in Swedish, but don't worry it's not hard to follow. And, of course, a bunch of us will be Live Tweeting the whole thing.

***Live Stream Link Comming Soon ***

Schedule: 11 AM Stockholm = (10 AM London) (5 AM Toronto/New York) (2 AM San Francisco) (8 PM Sydney)

11 AM Guests start to arrive at Chapel

*Approx 11:30  Live Steam Starts*

12 Christening ceremony

12:45ish Guests leave Chapel

1 PM  King and Queen hold Reception

*Approx 1 PM Live Steam Ends*

(Later: Private Lunch)

Immediate Family, Godparents plus spouses, family, friends, representatives from Parliament, the Government and Official Sweden.
    In lieu of gifts, the couple have asked for donations to Childhood & Min Stora Dag.

    If you are international, donations can also be made to a local children's charity, or to some other cause you support. 

    God Parents:
    • To be announced, expect it to be family & close friends. 
    Official Photos:
    Official Christening Pictures should be released within a few days of the ceremony.  There will be a few different combinations of photos:
    • Family: Madeleine, Chris, their children
    • Extended family: Adrienne, Siblings, Parents & Grandparents (Both Sets)
    • Godparents: Adrienne, Parents and God Parents
    • etc,
    Princess Adrienne will be christened in the same dress worn by Victoria, Carl Philip, Madeleine, & her sibilings and cousins at their christenings.

    Christening Guests will be in Morning Dress.

    You will see the member of the royal family wear their Family Order. Princess Adrienne will be given the Royal Order of the Seraphim during her christening.

    Prince William's tour of Jordan, Israel & Palestine

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    Detailed schedule to be announced closer to tour.

    Sunday 24th - Jordan
    •  Visit Amman
    Monday 25th - Jordan
    • Visit Amman
    • Visit Jerash
    Tuesday 26th - Israel & Palestine
    • Visit Jerusalem 
    • Visit Tel Aviv
    Wednesday 27th - Israel & Palestine
    • Visit Tel Aviv
    • Visit Ramallah
    • Visit Jerusalem
    Thursday 28th - Israel & Palestine

    Grand Duke Henri & Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg - Birthday Reply (2018)

    I sent two letters to Luxembourg recently, one for Grand Duchess Maria Teresa's birthday in March and one for Grand Duke Henri's birthday in April.

    The replies came in the usual sort of envelope. But what was most interesting is the stamps are from 2002 & 2005, so they are both over a decade old. But was it really cool is they are actually the old stamps you have to lick. Most countries stopped making these kinds of stamps around 2008.

    It also interesting to see that the two sets of stamps are for different amounts. I looked it up and the price to mail sometime like this from Luxembourg to USA is 1,30€, so they overpaid with both replies. I assume they were just trying to use up their old stamps and weren't too worried about overpaying.

    Inside was the typical reply from Luxembourg, a flat card, with a pre-made message for the occasion. Before I've always gotten an English reply from Luxembourg. I assume this time they just ran out of the English replies, so they had to use one of the others. Luxembourg has three official languages: Luxembourgish, French, & German.

    Grand Duke Henri's reply is in French.

    Translated the card reads:
    Luxembourg, 16th April 2018
    His Royal Highness the Grand Duke warmly thanks you for the kind wishes on the occasion of his birthday.
    This attention gave him great pleasure.

    Grand Duchess Maria Teresa's Reply is in Luxembourgish. 

    Translated the card reads:
    Luxembourg, 22nd March 2018

    Your dear birthday wishes have given me much joy and touched me deeply.

    I thank you very much with all my heart.

    Maria Teresa 

    You will notice in addition to being in different languages, the two replies are formatted a little differently (color, 1st person vs. 3rd person, title vs. name, etc.). That is just the Luxembourg Royals. While they always reply with a flat card, they do not have a consistent format or style.

    You will notice both replies are dated with the Royal's birthday.

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    Tuesday, 15 May 2018

    Send your Congratulations to Harry & Meghan for their Wedding!

    The Royals absolutely love to get letters and cards from the public, and special occasions like a Royal Wedding is no different!

    Writing for the 1st time?

    If you are writing to the Royals for the 1st time (or want a refresher on the basics) check out our page on "Writing to the Royals." This post will only cover the specifics for Harry & Meghan's Wedding. 

    & Just a remember international mail requires more postage than usual! 

    When to write?

    I would write after the wedding, as you may want to comment on the events, and your feelings about everything. And don't worry if you don't get your letter out right away. A week or two after the event is a very acceptable time frame to send your congratulations. (& honestly, given how much mail they are going to receive, a slightly latter reply is fine.)

    How to Address the couple?

    After their wedding, Prince Harry & Meghan Meghan will officially be known as "TRH the Duke & Duchess of ___." There are a lot of different ways you can address the couple in your letter, depending on if you want to be more formal and correct or more informal and every day. As long as you are being respectful and thoughtful, it is hard to go wrong. Here are just a few options:

    • TRH the Duke & Duchess of Sussex
    • Duke & Duchess of Sussex
    • The Sussexs 
    • Harry & Meghan
    • Prince Harry & Princess Meghan
    • Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan
    • Prince Henry & Princess Rachel 
    • TRH the Earl and Countess of Dumbarton/ Baron & Lady Kilkeel
      • Should you have a connection to the area where their lesser title is from
    • Etc. 
    "Dear _," Line
    • Your Royal Highnesses
    • Sir and Madam
    • Duke & Duchess of Sussex
    • Harry & Meghan 
    • Etc.

    Personally, I prefer the more formal approach and use "TRH Duke & Duchess of Sussex" on the envelope & open my letter with "Dear Your Royal Highnesses,".

    I would avoid both:
    • Meghan Markle
      • She got married, she's a Windsor now!
    • Prince Harry of Wales
      • Children only use their parent's territorial designation until they get married or get their own title
    The Royals won't be mad if you use either of these, but neither are correct post-wedding. 

    Where to send your letter/card to?

    Clarence House 
    London SW1A 1BA

    Why Clarence House, not Kensington Palace?

    What to write?
    Write whatever you feel like writing about. There is no one right answer. As long as you are being respectful and thoughtful, it is hard to go wrong.

    You can send them a card or letter with a short, simple acknowledgement. Or you can gush about your feelings about the wedding and how amazing this and that was. (But do keep you letter to 1 page max!) 

    Can I send a Gift?

    Harry & Meghan have asked that well-wishers donate to charity in lieu of sending a gift. They have even recomended 7 charities to donate to, although you can choose instead to donate to another charity of your choosing. 

    You can find details about the 7 chosen charities here

    And yes, it is perfectly fine to mention in your letter/card that you made a donation on their behalf to charity. They would love to hear about it. 

    What to expect?

    Harry & Meghan are going to get hundreds of letters and card from well-wishers congratulating them on their wedding. While they would love to send a personal thank you to everyone, that is just not possible. 

    Instead, they will reply with their usual postcard sized photo with a typed message on the back, like they did with their engagement reply.

    Expect a much longer response time than usual! (I would expect at least 2-4 month, but it could even take as long as 6 months. And as always, they reply to letters as they get to them. So, just because someone got a reply, doesn't mean you will get yours in the next few days or weeks. It takes months to get through all the mail for a major event like this.)

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